2023 February Officer Update

Periodic briefings for the Kirk Congregation from our most recent Church Officers’ Meetings. Please direct any and all questions or concerns to our church office at kirkoffice@kirkpca.org.

1. Assistant Pastor of Discipleship - We are excited to announce the installation of our new assistant pastor of discipleship, Rev. Philip Ryan. Philip and his family join us after serving several years as a bi-vocational pastor in Alabama. If you haven’t met them yet, please plan to join us this coming Sunday morning, February 19 at 11am for his installation service, as well as the free fellowship lunch planned immediately after! We are so blessed and grateful unto the Lord for sending Pastor Philip to us. Let us pray for grace and favor for him and his family as they serve in our midst.

2. Church Office Administrative Assistant Opening - Speaking of having been blessed of the Lord, it’s hard to believe but our lovely Mrs. Lee Ann Koon is retiring! After serving us with a smile for over 12 years, she is looking to spend more time with her husband, traveling, visiting estate sales, and taking care of all the cats of the world (just kidding, though she does love cats). But before we allow her to retire, we are looking for a new church office administrative assistant to fill her position. So, please if you know someone may be well-suited for this job, please consider speaking to them, or applying yourself! The job description may be found here and persons may apply for the job here. Please also be in prayer for us during this search.

3. Building Updates - We are really near the end of our latest construction projects, which include two new classrooms as well as a new office for our assistant pastor. Within the next few coming weeks, we anticipate announcing some changes to the meeting locations of a couple of our Sunday School Classes. So please stay tuned!

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