2023 March Officer Update

Periodic briefings for the Kirk Congregation from our most recent Church Officers’ Meetings. Please direct any and all questions or concerns to our church office at kirkoffice@kirkpca.org.

1. Playground Is Getting Real! - The Diaconate is very excited to announce that plans to build a playground at the church are coming together soon! We have a design approved and final details for date of construction and location are scheduled to be announced any day now! Let us thank the Lord for His abundant provision as well as pray for all the final matters to be settled soon!

2. Church Office Administrative Assistant Opening - Our job search committee has been very busy meeting with and considering 6 to 7 candidates for the position. The goal is arrive at a final recommendation to the Session, but the trouble (and blessing) is that we have so many wonderful applicants, that each could add so much to the job. Please pray for the committee, for wisdom, clarity, efficiency, and likeness of mind as they look to present their recommendation to the Session before the April meeting.

3. Men’s Quarterly Fellowship - Just last night, the Session approved an initiative spearheaded by Pastor Philip to gather men of all different ages and stages of life for a regular outing together, be it a range day, a golf day, or something as simple as a short breakfast together. Please be on the lookout for first fellowship event coming out soon.

4. New Missionary Added - We are grateful to announce the addition of some new missionaries to the Kirk, the Kitchens. At this time, we do not wish to publish any further information about them or their work. But please anticipate reading more about them in our Spring Newsletter due out mid-April. A big thank you to the Mission Committee for their work here, and praise the Lord for missionary partners throughout the world!

5. Preparing for Worship - Another initiative that we will be implementing soon involves how we prepare for worship. With an earnest desire to aid our congregation in both  our fellowship and preparation for worship, the Session has come together and decided to make a slight change to our announcement time. One of these next Sundays, you will notice the leaders beginning their informal announcements a little earlier at 5-7 minutes prior to 11 A.M. After 2-3 minutes, they will conclude those announcements with a brief prayer/word, encouraging us all to steady and still our hearts before the Lord for worship. Following a short instrumental prelude, finally we will stand together at 11 A.M. to sing our Hymn of Preparation, uniting our voices together in praise and prayer to the Lord for our service. Such is our plan, and such you will see over the next couple of weeks. If you have some feedback for the Session on this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to a Session member.
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