2024 Winter Discipleship

We have several upcoming opportunities this coming winter how you may grow in your walk with the Lord. Whether you're looking for a group that meets in person or you're just looking for a tool to aid in your personal study, please consider the following discipleship events the Kirk.

  1. 2024 Bible Reading Plan -  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your church was all committed to reading the Bible together? And through a schedule where everyone is reading the same chapters and verses as you? And in a place where you all had a chance to provide insights as well as listen to others? Well, that's what we have here. Starting January 1, 2024, Pastor Philip will be walking us through McCheyne's reading plan. He'll be posting weekly summaries/ highlights on the readings as well as opening up the comments for others' insights, and you can find them here. For those that would like extra updates and accountability, we have a group conversation in our message feature. Search for Bible Readers. In all, our goal here is to get more of God's sustaining and renewing Word in us!
  2. Adult Sunday School Classes - Sunday is a great day to soak in and rest in all of God's precious promises as well as fellowship with other believers. To that end, we offer several Adult Sunday School options this winter before our morning worship service. Starting at 9:30am we will offer three classes in three different formats. For our more traditional lectured-style format, our Foundations Class will be wrestling through the more challenging passages of Scripture, like Genesis 6, "sons of God", in our Mysteries of Scripture series. For those who prefer a discussion-based setting, our TableTalk Class will be working through the well-known Boundaries by Henry Cloud. Lastly another great option for 20's & 30's, our College & Career Class will be continuing on in their Basics of Biblical theology. If you have more questions about these classes, please send us a note.
  3. Women's Tuesday Studies - Our ladies are back at it again! After working hard and thoroughly enjoying their study through the Book of Revelation this past Fall, they are starting back January 9th, and are taking up the second of the great 'Behold Your God' series of books. As promising as this second installment promises to be, what sweetens the time together is the prayer and partnership in the Gospel these ladies share. If you are interested in learning more about either the 10am Morning Study or the 7pm Evening Study, please send a note to our Women's Ministry Coordinator, Kate Dyer.
  4. Men's Cohorts - Our last offering is for men, and men, our time this past year together has been such a blessing that on top of our two Tuesday groups (6:30am & 8am), we are going to be adding a Friday afternoon cohort from 3:30-4:15pm. If you are interesting in making real spiritual relationships, please consider carving out 45mins a week for this blessing of a time together. Reach out to Pastor Pete with any questions. 
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