Not Forsaking Our Own Assembling Together

We come together because the Lord has given us one another for encouragement along our pilgrim way. More than that, we come together because we love each other and our Lord. We would love for you to come and join us, especially our Lord’s Day gatherings on Sunday. In addition to Sundays, we offer many opportunities to gather throughout the week. Though we do love to meet together, we never want to make demands upon our families that overwhelm anyone or take them away from each other. Please preview our below listing to find out about available opportunities to gather at the Kirk.

Grillin' on the Grounds

Our favorite way to gather is on every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month immediately after Evening Worship. We call it Grillin' on the Grounds, where congregate  on our back lawn under our beautiful oak-tree canopy. We play games, share stories, and even huddle around our fire pits! Bring a blanket, an appetite and a smile, and we provide the rest!

Small Groups

The Lord has given us one another so that we might not ever stand alone. So often though, we do stand alone and needlessly. We have a number of groups that meet throughout the week, in addition to Men's and Women's Studies. Take a look at our Group Finder and search for a Group that works for you.


Teams work. They do, and they get dream-work done. Coming together with brothers and sisters in the Lord, where each one is using their gifts to meet someone else's need, is what the household of faith looks like. Take a look a look at our Group Finder and search for a Team that you might serve in at our church.

SunDay School

Sunday School isn't just for kids, nor does it need to be a monologue. We can gather together to learn from God's Word collectively and with people we love and care for. Consider coming with your family or friends a little early at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays as we spend a little extra time taking in God's Holy Word. Check out our upcoming classes.

Youth Group

Our goal isn't to take young people away from their families. Instead, it's to provide opportunities for our families to love our youth in a way they get it. So that means, yes, having some fun outings, but also challenging one another spiritual and serving others. Check out below for the upcoming event.

Kirk App

Interested in getting more connected with the Kirk? The best way to learn more is to download our app so you can be a part of the discussion. Follow the links to  Google Play or Apple Store.   

Upcoming kirk events

We are glad to make our facility available to our members and their ministries. Click above to submit an event request to the Kirk. 
We would love to know how we might reach out to ministry the love of Christ our community. Send us a note.